Funnies Extra!

Welcome to the first issue of Funnies Extra!

Chris and Heather Quimby at NachoTree Design present Funnies Extra!

Funnies Extra! is a free, full color 16-page tabloid filled with funnies and puzzles, including Tastes Like Chicken, the work of Maine’s own Josh Alves. 10,000 copies of Funnies Extra! will be distributed weekly (monthly at first) in Waldo and Knox Counties to hotels, diners, coffee shops, restaurants, auto repair shops, hospitals, physicians’ offices, dental practices, etc. The content in Funnies Extra! appeals to consumers of all ages. Take advantage of this unique and fun way to reach citizens in your communities and beyond with the message of your business and enjoy excellent repeat discounts and great savings for up-front payment!

Fifteen-year Waldo County residents Chris and Heather Quimby at NachoTree Design are excited to introduce this fun product to the area. Please send a message through our contact form with any questions about advertising or to express your willingness for your business to carry fresh, weekly copies of this publication as a service to your clients.

Learn the benefits of advertising in Funnies Extra!

Download a Funnies Extra! Advertising Contract.

Interested in advertising in this fun publication in 10,000 printed copies across Waldo and Knox Counties? Review our competitive pricing on full-color advertising on our rate sheet.

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